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National Center on AEM website page for Module 2: Accessible Documents

Creating Accessible Documents

The AEM Center offers this module as a part of an online learning series. Each module is self-paced and self-directed with technical assistance available from AEM Center staff.



The goal for this module is to be able to explain the importance of accessible documents to a colleague, apply accessibility best practices when creating a document, and create a document that can pass an accessibility check, demonstrating proficiency with accessibility best practices.There is the option to watch a 1-hour webinar recording. The webinar will introduce some of the skills you will learn in this module, including how to:

  • Add alternative text to images and other visuals to make them accessible to screen reader users
  • Use headings, unique slide titles and descriptive hyperlinks to ensure documents are easy to navigate
  • Check for sufficient color contrast in order to make sure the content can be  viewed in a variety of settings 
  • Perform an accessibility check to confirm that your documents follow best practices

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May 5, 2020
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Digital handout to accompany Accessible Documents webinar
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This is the digital handout to accompany Accessible Documents webinar.

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